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Missing DLL

I have just run a program that detects problems on your pc(Demo),after scanning it came up with the following.Invalid Microsoft Shared File:The following was not found on your hard drive during the scan:C:\Windows\System\DBMSSHRN.DLL.Any one know how to get this back.
No Luck

DrX,thanks for the reply,I tried that and still got same,I am really a novice at this so I will describe the steps I took and you can tell me if I did it right,brought up command prompt,typed sfc/scannow,prompted to insert xp cd,this I did,and then box appeared(Windows File Protection)and "Please wait while Windows verifies that all protected files are intact and in their original versions".At the same time the xp installation box appeared which I canceled.After the check is finished I am left with just the command prompt,I typed exit and enter.Is this ok or am I doing something wrong.
What program are you running exactly? If it's a registry scanner then you 'should' be able to allow it to remove the invalid registry entry with no ill affects.
That file is no used or needed in windows XP, that pc doctor program seems to not be up to date hence why it thinks that file should be there. so your fine :)

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