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My nephew just rang me because his new computer will not boot, he gets a message after post (load needed DLL`s for kernel) . He only has a recovery disc for his XP home edition. I took him through booting into safe mode to try and access system restore but he Just got the message above and it would not go into safe mode. Next I took him into the bios and made the CD 1st boot device and had him put the recovery cd in, it started to run got to 60% and rebooted with the above message. He switched of his computer and tried to do it again and notuced another message (trend chip away virus ® on guard version 1.64). HE has the XP firewall enabled and panda AV, although I do not think it is up to date. Could someone give me an idea where to go next as it sounds to me like a virus of some sorts, but not being able to access xp or for the recovery disc to work or safe mode I am stumped. Regards Alan :confused: :confused:


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Easiest way will be to reinstall windows; you won't need to format just reinstall over the old copy. Also known as an in-place installation. If you suspect a virus, formatting would be a better idea however and performing a fresh windows installation, however data loss will occur. If you must you can use a boot disk to get to DOS and backup your data first.

Trend chip away virus protects your computer only from boot viruses, which only infect PC boot sectors or the Master Boot Record.

Most cases I've found on the issue have been caused my faulty memory.


Birmingham UK

I only thought it might be a virus. You said it might be memory related?, have you come across this before.
Regards Alan

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