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Mirroring my system



I know that when you buy a SONY or an HP machine it allows you (in case of error) install your system to a previous point using a CD. I was wondering if ne-one can recommend any software and give me some input on what they think of this type of backup.
Disk Imaging is what I think you're referring to. Norton Ghost or PowerQuest Drive Image. It will save your entire hard drive layout in a single file and then allow you to restore that 'image.' It's a fantastic tool. That's pretty much what you get with some of these pre-installed systems... recovery disks with a drive image on them.

For backup purposes I wouldn't recommend it because you don't really need to backup all your programs and the operating system... just the files you create while using your system. The built-in backup utility is what you want for that (to reduce the size of the backup files). Imaging is more of a disaster control thing for those of us that like to hose our systems on a fairly consistent basis and don't like reinstalling everything like hotfixes and large programs/program suites.


Thanks a lot for the quick response.....I have all my documents and everything but programs on a seperate physical hard drive so i'm not tooo worried about anything happening to that(plus i have most of my files backed on another network machine) i was more concerned with the frequent and time consuming formats and re-installs...thanks again
You'll want to install everything on one drive then - OS and programs. If you install all your programs to a separate drive/partition, then just imaging the OS partition will give you registry problems for picking up your installed proggies... unless you image both drives/partitions at the same time of course. Something to consider.


I see what your sayin....shouoldn't be a problem casue i have two physicals one dedicated to OS and Proggies and One dedicated to documents..thanks again

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