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21 Jun 2002
for the life of my I can't remember how to register your nick on a server and then put in your password when you are on a server can someone please help
or are you talking about identify??

/nickserv identify <password>
/nickserv isn't configured on all servers. You may need to user /msg nickserv <command>
but ours has it... and we rule. Why?? Because we are the best!!
cool thanks it worked...can you be on two servers at the same time...using regular irc client
Tuffgong4 said:
cool thanks it worked...can you be on two servers at the same time...using regular irc client
depends on the client... what one are you using??
mIRC supports multiple servers, ever since 6.0 I believe.
mIRC: /server -n opens a new server window, /server -m ntfs.org opens a new server window and connects, in this case, to ntfs.org.

X-Chat: /newserver ntfs.org opens a new server window to ntfs.org.

BîtchX (And possibly epic?): /window new hide
/window next
/server +ntfs.org
will open a new hidden window, switch to it, then add ntfs.org to your open servers

With most clients, there will be "new window" or "new server" under the file menu or in the options somewhere.
you also have to be on a network running a IRCd that supports "services" ... some big ones like EFnet don't :(

*Edit* - I would also highly recommend that you type any of the above commands in the "status" window if your using mIRC so you don't do like many ppl do and typo for the whole room to see
yeah cause I was on irc today and wanted to lurk in the ntfs room as well

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