mirc chat?



Running Windows ME,dial-up,firewall,no frills on the phone
except voice mail.
How secure am I ? Have reason to believe someone has tried
and possibly accessed my computer recently.
Can my files be accessed through mirc or the instant messengers
such as yahoo and hotmail?
I no longer leave my computer on because I have found my
computer online a couple of times after I am positive I went
offline.If someone gains access to a computer in this manner,
how long does it take to get info they are seeking?
Sorry so many questions,but I will appreciate any advise.
firstly, what firewall are you using?
- i recommend norton personal firewall. I've found zonealarm causes a bit of a slowdown on the connection. I hear that Sygate Personal Firewall and Tiny Firewall are both good too (I think they're free too).

secondly, do you have any antivirus software?
- i recommend norton antivirus, but AVG (100% free version) is also apparantly very good [ http://www.grisoft.com ] and make sure it's fully updated.

thirdly, is your modem internal/external?
- if external, turn the modem off after use (there is usually a switch/button on the modem to cut the power). if internal, try unplugging the cable from the socket. I've also seen switches which u plug a phone and a modem into a box, then plug the box into the wall. when you use the phone, switch it to phone or if you use the modem, switch it to modem. saves having to change plugs all the time.

i recommend getting AV software if you havent already and scanning your system for any trojans/virii. check the program access list for your firewall to see if there are any dodgy looking programs listed as being allowed access to the Internet (post back here if there are any you're unsure of) and finally, try turning the modem off (or unplug it from the wall).

If you have auto-connect enabled, disable it because its possible that you may have a program running that wants the Internet, and it's auto-dialling because of the setting on the connection.

Only files you send to people over instant messaging software are accessible by people elsewhere (i.e. those you send the files to in the first place).

As for your question about how long it takes someone to get the information they want... it really depends on what they want... and there may not be anyone with access to your computer. That is really what the antivirus software will check.

Best of luck with the problem :)

Also, welcome to the forum!!


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If you dont use file transfer featues of the chat apps or run any server via IRC then yor files are safe.

Keep tight contol of the rules on your firewall, use a up to date virus scanner, dont accept file transfers via these apps.

Why do you belive your security has been breached?

If it has its most probably going to be a trojan, refering to your question about how fast they can take your files it really depends how fast your modem is! If a trojan is on your system they have complete access and can do or take what they please in a small amount of time.

The best way to beat that is not to accept files from people you dont trust, keep a Antivirus on and use a trojan scanner for that extra layer of security.. oh and dont let unkowen apps pass the firewall!

If there is something more specific your worried about let me know.

Also, dont let your computer auto dial the internet.


Thanks and wow that was quick.I feel better already.
I have zone alarm and tiny.I had a problem with one
person online was the reason for my concern.The modem
is internal and after mentioning that a program could have
dialed and put my computer online,I do have an automatic
scan program that will update on schedule.Guess I need to
do that manual.
Private mirc chat logs were my main concern.Want to keep
them that way.

I don't use file transfers.Trojan free it seems.I do have the
Ad-Ware and Spy-Bot and AVG.So I hope I am covered.
A friend from a different website refered me here.
Thanks for the welcome and the advice.Nice to find someone
that knows what they are talking about.;)

Hope it was okay to bring my avatar with me from the other
forum so soon.


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dynastyschild... If I were getting into your system then mIRC logs (or any chat logs for that matter) would probably be my last target. Hackers usually go for passwords and/or credit card numbers and/or any other personal data. If you really want to be secure, dump the software firewalls and buy a hardware firewall. Truth of the matter... If someone REALLY wants into your system and they really know what they are doing... There isn't much you can do to stop them, short of hitting the power. For the most part hackers don't target the standard home user. The only time you really have to worry about getting hit is if you have really pissed off someone. As everyone else said... Don't accept files from anyone you don't know, but keep in mind that even though your friend may send you a file, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a virus in it. Welcome to the forums!


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Originally posted by Un4gIvEn1
If I were getting into your system then mIRC logs (or any chat logs for that matter) would probably be my last target.
I got a worm that transmits the Root Password to someone on IRC once in my mIRC logs, dunno exactly how that got there. Weird thing is that I was running XP at the time :huh:


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Originally posted by Bretenn
hmm... will a firewall (hardware).... decrease the connection speed or performance??
If setup correctly, not at all.

ruth of the matter... If someone REALLY wants into your system and they really know what they are doing... There isn't much you can do to stop them, short of hitting the power.
Not at all correct its easy enougth to secure a box correctly and prevent intrution, there is always a countermeasure to attack and a sound way of preventing system breaches, even for the home user.

Even the most skilled "hacker" can be kept at bay, also about your comment of "hackers" targetting home users i dont think you can speak on behalf of the underground but trends show that breaches of home systems are increasing, mainly for the purpose of gaining drones for DDOS attacks.

Also the increase of home servers, such as FTP and HTTP servers making home users more and more targetted.

And ontop of that, "hackers" who write worms and viruses do so knowing that the large proportion of "victims" will be home users, despite corperate targets or backbone damage (to get noticed maybe, but im not willing to generalise reasons for wanting to do and wont sterotype about "hackers") been the main motivation for releasing a wild virus.

Your true to say that "hackers" dont really want to read through peoples documents but, and i wont refer to the as "hackers" as there is very little actual "hacking" involved so ill call them trojan users, do target home systems because corperate targets are well protected against such style breaches, that is the large risk for home users and i will agree not a serious breach, defacement or DDOS attack is of concern for a home user.

Sorry to the thread starter but i felt i needed to respond to the two statements made above because simply, "hackers" do target home systems and "hackers" can be kept out with a little effort.


No [sorry] necessary.All went with the question.I would have
posted to ask you anyway after your comment.Thank you for
explaining it futher.

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