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mirc alternatives?


oO ShifterZ Oo

like AIM there is yahoo, trillian, jabber, etc watevers, napster, kazza, blabal, but is there alternatives for mirc ? plus list the ones dat u would recommend ty.


I may actually be insane.
mIRC is superior in all regards.
True dat.

With that said tho my 600mb mIRC install (Scripts/Sounds :) ) is sitting redundant and I'm using X-Chat for the time being. Does the job really nicely, everything is custamisable, but theres a lack of scripts (which no-one NEEDS anyway, not the point tho...) as it's really a ported nix client.
Still, it works nice, definately my 2nd favourite to mIRC.


I may actually be insane.
I use BítchX now and then when i can be bothered to login to my shell, it just disagrees with multi-servers now and then, so i stick with a nice local windows GUI app :)
Got to agree with NetRyder there. I love AcidMax over mIRC, I have also tried the cygwin irc thinger, thats pretty cool, all text based though.

I would give Mozilla a plug, but I never used it.

oO ShifterZ Oo

speedy_b ... i think so so is excursion its all base on mric i think. but i used acidmax b4 but i dont use it no more becuase i can pM ppl dont know y dats y im changing.

do u guys know any bots? like bots dat idle or greet ppl when they come to channel. u know

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