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I'm not sure what's causing this little glitch of minor slowdown I'm experiencing with XP Pro at startup that I'm experiencing. I recently built a new system, and got it all installed and running...after downloading all the critical update patches for the computer and downloading an odd Athlon K7 driver patch (anyone have a clue on this one?), my system slows down once I reboot into XP and try doing simple task like opening the System area within Control Panel, or when I try to connect to the net, it can take a long while (about 2 minutes) for the connection window to appear at all.

I've already installed the latest VIA drivers also, here are my system specs:

Epox 8K3A+ KT333 motherboard
256MB 2100 DDR-Ram
40 Gig Western Digital HD
Visiontek GeForce 3 Ti 200
SB Live! 5.1

if anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it.

Thanks :D

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I reckon this is a bug in xp. Mine does something similar. Once it has opened it the first time the problem goes away till the next reboot. Been reading a lot about this hiccup. :(


Hey guys, i know exactly the problem you are having, and i have a solution for you. i posted this a month ago in the forums.

Originally posted by seeme
I am unable to be too technical about this issue however the problem that i was having was:


- when i booted up XP, i could see my desktop and open other applications, however i could not dial up my adsl for approximately 30 seconds. after this wait time, everything worked perfectly.


i phoned up my isp last night for technical support and they told me that the problem was something to do with the computer looking and setting ip addresses? and that i needed to set a static ip.
i did this with their help and problem solved! no more delay after i boot up to access the net!

I hope i have helped someone out by letting u know about this!

You need to set a static IP.
I hope this helps you all!



do you mean when you first open explorer it takes a while for the information to load? or when you first boot up it doest open at first, but after like 5 minutes it works quickly whenever you open it?


Damn...I think that's it!!! And the thing that kills me, is that I knew this and completely forgot about it! Now I feel like a completel idiot! :D

And yeah, it should work for you also Hipster.

Thanks for reminding me of something so blatanly obvious that I forgot about it Seeme! :D

I appreciate it a lot! :)


yup, thats the problem caused by the system searching for an ip address or something like that. you need to phone your isp, explain the problem and they should be able to help you set up a static ip...im fairly confident thats what it is.

What I am sure of is that the delay is caused by the system searching for (an IP?) its definately searching for something to do with that. you need to give it the info it wants so it doesnt have to search any more!

:) is that a technical enough explanation?


best of luck.



Actually its more about your computer looking for an DHCP server that does not exist, and you shouldn't need to call your DSL or Cable provider for a static IP...just make up a fake one for Windows to find...I found these excerpts for you to use:

If you are using Windows 2000/XP:

control panel /network connections /local area connection /properties /Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) /properties.

Then use the following IP address:
IP address
Subnet mask

This assignment of a harmless local IP address to the TCP/IP settings bound (connected) to your network adaptor, will stop the in-built DHCP services from waking up every 10 minutes to look for a DHCP server so that it can "fill in the blanks".

This should solve the freezing problem.


lol.....tell me about it! I can't believe I forgot this explaination and all seeing as how I had to figure this problem out before! :D

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