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Minor problem [!]


Where does that "pretty critical" bit in the error message come from?
In this part it looks like the folder name would be ". -Commandos 2-". That would be a not allowed filename and trying to delete or rename such a file or folder would result in this error message.

Try this:

Open a command window and navigate to the directory this folder is in. Now type DIR /x . This will give you the 8.3 names of files and folders. Try this name to delete. If still no luck, close explorer from the taskmanager (end process explorer.exe), leave task manager open and try this command in the command window
RD \\.\C:\DOWNLO~1\UNDEL~1 (replace C:\DOWNLO~1\UNDEL~1 with the path of your folder to delete using DOS names).
Start explorer again in task manager. File - New task - explorer.


Another option is to use a syntax that bypasses the typical reserve-word checks completely. For example, you can possibly delete any file with a command such as:
DEL \\.\driveletter:\path\filename

For example:
DEL \\.\c:\somedir\aux

If the name in the file system appears as a directory, use the following syntax.

For example, you can possibly delete any directory with a command such as:
RD \\.\<driveletter>:\<path>\<directory name>

For example:
RD \\.\c:\somedir\aux


RmDir \\.\<driveletter>:\<path>\<directory>

For example:
RmDir \\.\C:\YourFTP_ROOT's_PATH\COM1 /s /q

/s-This switch removes all directories and files in the specified directory and also the directory itself. This switch also removes a directory tree.

/q-This switch stands for Quiet mode. Do not ask if you can remove a directory tree that contains the /s switch.


Graphic Designer
I've tried several times but nahhh , .. , doesn't work .. all combinations ( also with explorer.exe closed ) but same message appears : " The system cannot find the path specified "

What can be done ? :(
I've attached also some new pics' with messages . . .


Navigate to the folder D:\Pastime .
To do this type these commands and press Enter after each line

cd Pastime

it should now look like this


now type

dir /x

this will give you a list of the folder content using 8dot3 filenames.
Find the folder you want to delete. Probably it will be called COMMAN~1 or something similar. Now try using this name.

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