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MiniDV camcords?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Fairly open comparison...

I have a Sony MDV (the bluetooth DCR115) anyway, tripple CCD is reckonned to be where it is at, but I am not sure you would notice too much difference from the Cannon. It looks like the Cannon is 2 megapixels and the Sony is one which would be noticeable on stills but may not trouble you too much on movies where you will find quality pretty good I think. Of course when you buy into the Sony brand there is a certain amount of lock in and you pay premium for things like the memory sticks. If you are buying at all for stills you really should go maybe for dedicated separate in this range - I am quite happy with mine for both, but it is almost 4 mega pixels.

I think maybe my best advice would be to try and get to a shop(s) stocking both (easier said than done) and see how they feel in your hands side by side and how comfortable you feel looking at them. When you do that then do see if the Cannon has anything approaching the Sony Infolithium battery system which gives you constant readout of how much battery life you have - this is a Godsend and possibly reason enough to go Sony if the Cannon hasn't got similar (I can vouch that it is very accurate and helps to avoid that situation where you run out of power at critical moment!). In the case of these batteries they do cost an arm and a leg for apres but you can get branded compatible ones - I know because I did!

Hope this helps - if you think it did consider the rep points! :p


I just ordered the canon ( i had a 5hour battery and the quick canon charger ) , if it doesn't work out i will just send back and get the sony, friend has it and sent me a few clips and it looked nice. (i really just need it for brothers graduation on saturday.)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I'm sure it will work out - like I said the diffs are slight - since you need to so soon I probably hardly need to tell you it'll be a good idea to spend whatever time you can playing around and getting the hang of it before the big day when you use it for real ;)


i just gotta make sure i get it here in time :p already had to cancel 2 places because i order next day *but* it takes 2days to process, unless you order 600$ in extra, which i could go to bestbuy and pick it up for that price. what a person would do to save $150-$200. thanks for the help on the sony btw

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