Mini review of the Numark NS7


Weekend DJ
Some of you know I dj for weddings clubs and other events so here is my newest toy for dj work.

Well first of all this thing is for body builders it's heavy.
Setup was easy place the platter on the spindle place your slipmats and then clamp down the vinyl.
I am running Windows 7 64bit so I was dreading the software setup since it said only 32 bit OS supported. Went to Numark web page an downloaded the beta 64 bit drivers and installed them without a hitch. Reebooted Windows and fired up VDJ and instant recognition of the NS7 had to configure the sound for the NS7 because I was running my RMX before. Once configured VDJ and the NS7 was a match made in heven.
Loaded up itch played for a bit but I will not be using itch in its present state since it is so spartant on features.
Sound quality was great but I have not used a proper mixer in a while and forgot a few things like crossfaded cueing I was looking for a left deck right deck buttons.
Will give more of a review when I gig with it.
Again this thing is heavy and I dread when I get my flight case, one arm will be longer than the other...