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Mini Mac Cluster


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Okay since Jobs just released the Mac Mini yestuarday i thought about an interesting idea yestuarday. What would be faster a PowerMac G5 2.5Ghz or a cluster of 6 Mini Macs. Just Wondering cause they would be equal in price, I'm not sure if it's even possible but I think it is. Anyone have an opinion on the idea? I mean it doesn't have to been a 2.5Ghz it could be just the a single CPU 1.8Ghz PowerMac and a cluster of three Mini Macs but you get the idea.


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I'm pretty sure the G5 cluster that was created is interlinked via fibre due to all the data being chucked around. Wouldn't think the connectivity is possible with the mac mini. It's a nice idea though, considering you can get (a lot) more machines into the same space.


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Thats what I was kinda wondering also but I'm talking about 6 computers instead of 1,000 so I don't think the fiber would be nececary, I read they were using some special cards that gave them 10Gb second throughput. Now since the mini only comes with 10/100 lan I was thinking it could over the firewire but you would need some kind of firewire switch and I'm not sure if they make such a thing.


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100 lan is good enough for just 6 boxen. I have done 20 (this is when it started slowing down a bit), without any problems, with a good switch that can handle it, there should be no problems at all.

Second, there is xcluster software for Mac OS X, which is available from Apple, but that can only be used for certain software that was designed to make use of the X Cluster.

Personally, i have heard way to many jokes "How about a beowulf cluster of those!" on slashdot, so the thought itself is killing my brains.

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