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mini-cases and agp

Ive been toyin with the idea of building 1 computer unit just for holding movies and music using an ati all in wonder card for t.v. and cable channels. I wanna use this case but cant find any info on an agp riser for mounting the card sideways. I dont even know if there is such a thing but I know Ive seen pci risers. Ive seen mini-atx boards with agp but I assume they only work with a wider case than the one I wanna use. Has anyone else tried this yet?
Same idea but i bought this

Get a shuttle case ! There are different models to suit your budget SV25 or SS40 or mine which is SS51G i carry mine around and use it to watch divx films on the telli....SS51G even has an Agp slot and all can be really quiet.Have a look here http://www.shuttle.com/new/ under SFF heading.


hardware monkey
tony's right... i forgot to mention the shuttle pc's. i built one about a year ago back when they were only socket 370, used sdram, and had one pci slot. now they make em supporting the latest p4's and athlons, ddr memory, and agp4x slots for full-sized monster video cards.

the one i build had a fan noise issue which turned out to be from it's power supply. i guess other people had this problem too and it's not supposed to be a problem with the newer ones.

get a new one, put a nice big 5400rpm harddrive for movies and music and if you don't want to put a floppy drive in it, you can put in a second, faster harddrive for your os and programs. then put in your all-in-wonder and a dvdrom/cd burner combo drive and you're set.

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