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5 Dec 2002
I keep getting notified by my McAfee anti-virus that I have the MIME.Gen.EXE virus and that the file was deleted to complete the cleaning process. But after that, it will continue to pop up repeatedly. I am thinking that there is a file or program that is re-creating the virus or re-infecting the file but a full scan of my PC produces no problems.

Anyone have this problem or any suggestions on things I can check. This is getting annoying
Is your computer connected to a LAN? If so, are other PCs on your network also getting infected with the virus over the LAN? What can happen, is that once the virus is cleaned off of one of your PCs, it can come back to it if it still resides on another PC on your network. It's happened to me, and caused me a lot of trouble. Try isolating the PC with the virus from the network, cleaning it, and making sure all your other PCs are also rid of the virus.

No, my PC is standalone. I just can't seem to find anything that is re-creating the virus or anyplace I could be getting it from.
the file is hidden you have to boot from your xp cd (or 98) and go into your repair mode and look for the file.
my take on it is that most virus scanners don't tell people that if the infected file is still running it won't stop infecting the computer...when your virus scan is done see if there are any processes running that look virus like and search them on google...end that process and when you scan again it will be cleaned completely. Also make sure there are no registry keys that keep telling the infected file to keep running.
Well I think I found the problem. I was getting a whole bunch of these "mailer-demon" notices in my email saying that an email was returned, but I know I didn't send the email and they are not ones in my address book. After carefull inspection I was getting these emails, not becuase I sent them but rather someone was sending me emails addressed and labled like a returned email. These email's were infected with the MIME.Gen.Exe virus and the notification was McAfee telling me that it caught the virus and prevented my system from becomming infected.

so to solve this I had to log into my Earthlink email account through the web based service and flag these emails as spam so I wouldn't keep recieving them. Now that I have done that, I am no longer having the problem.

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