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Millionaire Major



Major Charles Ingram hung himself the other night.

Chris Tarrant said he would pay for half his funeral, but not the coffin...

dk2,I was just going to post that joke,beat me to it.For our non uk friends,let me try to explain.In the uk there is a popular tv games show hosted by Chris Tarrant called "who wants to be a millionaire"What happens is a contestant answers a series of questions from £100,(I think)up to a£1000000.Each set of questions has 4 answers,he/she has to pick right answer,obviously.He/She has 3 help chances,50/50,phone a friend,ask the audience.The amount of money goes up in stages,so the questions get harder,anyway,a real army major named Ingram was found guilty of cheating after a friend in the audience basically coughed when the major read out the questions.There was a documentary on the affair and it was unbelievable.To me and the vast majority of uk public he was guilty as sin.He and his friend and wife still deny any wrong doing.Hence the coughing/coffin joke.If he had stopped at say £64,000,he may have got away with it,but he got greedy,and went for a million,by that time the producers etc were aware that something was up.



Well myself he should have sued for the royalties on the special show released as it had an estimated 18,000,000 viewers.

He should have been given the money neways. It don't say newhere in the rules that you can't respond to coughing.

I did see a headline that Charlie boy was selling his secrets to the yanks.

Who wants to be a millionaire is now the lamest game show jointly with the weakest link.

It's too predictable and I am pissed that when some guy i knew was on 500k he never knew the 1000k answer which was who plays their cricket at Chester-le-Street, I know that's Durham CCC if he would ahve phoned me I would have only asked for 250K, not being greedy or nowt.

If you're from England and you don't know that Durham CCC plays their Cricket at Chester-le-Street you must need a labotomy from the neck up.

BTW the joke was lame :p

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