Millionaire by 25?


21 Oct 2003
This article was from the Calgary Herald dated Feb 28, 2001. Interesting read so I'd like to share it with all of you.

For Calgary teenager Lesley Scorgie, investing her money was a no-brainer. But she never imagined her savvy investment skills would catch the attention of the producers at Oprah Winfery's TV show.

Scorgie, a 17-year-old honours student at Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School, started investing in Canada Savings Bonds when she was 10. She soon diversified into mutual funds and equities, all with money she made working part-time jobs.

She won't disclose how much money she made, but as a condition on appearing on Oprah she had to show them financial statements proving she could be a millionaire by the time she turns 25. "I am kind of shocked at myself that I can do that," Scorgie said Sunady. It requires a lot of persistence and attention but it's totally achievable."

Scorgie an her mom were whisked to Chicago last Tuesday to tape the Oprah Show, called Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth.
Ya know how many teenage boys are gonna be hittin on her now? Not to mention, "dirty old broke men". :p
And then the stock-market crashed in 2002!!!!
Incredible story. It does seem very achievable too, when you think about it. Too bad most kids (and adults) aren't responsible enough with their money to do what she did.
fastest way to make tons of money == investing in currencies... large amounts in small fluctuations == excellent returns :D

but also likely MASSIVE losses... :(

but yah... good for the chick... I plan to have my first million sometime next century...
all yer need is some sence and a lot of self control (what most people lack) - and it's very easy to come into a lot of money.

MdSalih said:
all yer need is some sence and a lot of self control (what most people lack) - and it's very easy to come into a lot of money.

Either that or a friend with a not-so-bad bad cough, who can help you
answer 15 questions in a row hehe. :D

Nice find hsn :cool:
It was all over the news here for ages
The trial lasted an eon, and now they're talking of following up
the numerous documentaries with a film.:eek:
They know no shame! lol :D
little off topic but kinda the same thing ... they ran a story here on the local news about if you started @ age 16 and threw like 2k a yr into a IRA till you was 21 by the age you retired @ 65 you would be worth over 2 million :)
I want to be on oprah myself.... maybe one day i'll do something to get me there.. lucky girl.. its nice to see kids with selfcontrol over money

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