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Hi i have just purchased a new dell inspiron 8100 laptop and have put midtown madness on there.

Now when i come to play it i always get a screen resolution mesage saying that i must change it to 1600*1200..i have already done this in desktop settings advanced etc...but still get this mesg when the game starts up etc.

Now when i play the game and have selected the screen resolution in options of the game graphics..set it to 1600*1200 and when i play the game the game plays ok..but while driving around i see big blocks coming from the sky and very much appearing from anywhere...i can just drive through them put something is wrong.

I have a nvida 32mb geforce2 go graphics card.

Max payne plays well and no probs etc..
I updated the bios version from dells site below is the link: http://support.dell.com/us/en/filelib/results.asp?sid=INS_PNT_P3CT_8100&lang=EN&lib=0&os=WW1&searchtype=filter&devid=1329

and also updated the video drivers link below

hope this makes sense.
I have the same problem. But with Midtown Madness 2. Since I went from 128 megs of ram to 384. My video is all messed up.
does any1 else have a problem with midtown madness and the geforce2 go 32mb card...? i experince blocks while playing the game etc...cananyone confirm that they can play it ok with the geforce2 go
Hi i have removed midtown madmess from my laptop and installed midtown madness 2..now this runs sweeeet!! no probs with blocks appearing from anywhere...what could this be then...could it be a prob with microsofts game ie midtownmadnes.??

I have had this problem, if you look closely you'll notice that the flickering is coming from the pedestrians !! Just check the 'Hide Pedestrians' option in the video section of the options screen and that should fix the problem. Hope this helps :)
hi thx for the reply..LOL!! is that the real problem...this has done my head in for days...well i have removed the first game and put mtm2 on ma system no probs whatso ever!! is it ok to keep both of them on the system,..? wich one is the better one?
Had me for a while too, tried new drivers, old drivers, different resolutions.....course turning the peds off was the last thing I tried, Lol :)
I've never played MM2, but I believe that is the better of the 2 games.
Strange thing is, I've had the same problem with a Geforce 2MX, a Geforce 2GTS and now a Geforce 3Ti500 - mustn't like Nvidia chipsets for some reason. Anyone had the same problem with a different card ?
there is a patch for midtown madness which fixed the corrupt gfx under win2k/xp for me

on MS games site
where is that patch...?? can u email it me plz?

I had the exact same problem. The patch is what you need.
MS says its a multiplayer patch, but it will also solve your prob.

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