Midtown Madness 3 ???


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Anyone hear anything about M$ porting MM3 for the PC? The latest info I can find is dated around May of '03. I had read that M$ was going to release this game for the PC, but there hasn't been any news; nothing on the M$ site or any other game sites that I have checked out.
Only thing I have heard was for XBOX. There has only been comments like yours around various forums. I can't wait though I loved the first two and I sold my XBOX. Hopefully it comes out before summer if it is commnig out :confused: :confused:


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Well, MM3 has been out for quite some time now (>6 mo), so if they're gonna do it, I hope they do it soon!

I never really liked MM1, but I still play MM2 when I want to drive aimlessly and recklessly around town. It would have been nicer if the tracks were to scale though. Downloading the add-on cars from various websites is fun too. Not too many cars can do over 1000mph, fly, or drive on water. ;)


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Trust me, there's no way it's coming out on PC. After Halo, there are going to be no Xbox-PC ports from Microsoft I believe, not even Halo 2.

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