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midtown madness 2 problem...


original delboy

Now then I have an inspiron 8100/512/48hdd/ and a 1600x1200 display all was working floorless - no probs here, until the plug was pulled out the socket (while defragging...) now this totally messed things up. My profile would not load the normal settings, everytime I turned on my laptop windows would say that its giving me a temp profile to use and the settings would not be saved.

I finally managed to sort it out by backing up all my stuff...(now that took a while) just went into c:/documens settings/my username - and then copied all the stuff via cdrs.

I sucsefully formatted my laptop and have put a ntfs system on rather than a fat32 system, i began to install all my programs which took ages! But anyway it was all done - installed the sp1 pack from microsoft no probs at all.

This is where the problem starts...when I came to play midtown madness 2 and selected my vehicle there was no wheels on the car! i went through all of the vehicles and they all had no wheels, anyway i started the game to see what it would be like when in the game - the game was totally mashed! The screen was all messed up and there were great big which looked like 'blocks' in the game. I went into game options and in the display (towards the top) it said Dell 8100...shouldn't it say n'gforc2 go..?? in the render tab i tried to select the hardware with 3d video card which also made no difference.

My main concern is that all was fine before i formatted it - all i have done different is that i have loaded the sp1 pack could that be the cause??? just its a bit strange that in the graphic options id doesn't say anything about the geforce 2 go..and its not there to be selected.

I have played max payne and that works fine.

What you reckon folks.....
The problem you have is a known MM2 issue. I'm surprised it wasn't doing this before. Anyway, you need a Geforce patch which can be found at many PC game crack/cheat sites. Incidentally, this same patch allows you to play without having to insert the CD... a benefit :)

FYI: Your symptoms happened to me too and that patch fixed it.
Um, I don't remember where I got it now :rolleyes: Old age I guess.

I believe I just poked around those game cheats/patches sites and downloaded a few.

The patches are usually just a replacement for the main game executable. I simply renamed the original and tried the fixed version until I got one that works.

I did a quick search and found this:


Note: While this one worked for me on my last mobo (GA-7DX), my new mobo (GA-7VRXP) didn't like it. I had to try a few of my other patches and one finally worked.

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