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Midnight Rounds

A policeman making his midnight rounds spies a car on a backwoods road. He turns on his lights, then steps out, and walks up to the car, finding its two occupants to be a teenaged boy and girl. Oddly enough, the girl is in the back seat reading a book, and the boy is sitting in front with a Gameboy.

As the boy rolls down his steamed window, the officer puts on his gruffest voice and asks they boy, "What are you doing out here, son?"

The boy looks him in the eye and declares, "I'm playing my Gameboy, officer."

"How old are you?"

"Nineteen, sir."

The officer turns to the girl in the back seat. "And how about you, miss?"

Setting her book down, the girl politely says, "I'm reading a book, sir. And if you must know, I'm seventeen."

The boy looks at his watch, smiles, and informs the officer, "Well, for eight minutes, anyway."
Originally posted by Hematic
wow thats young. You British people....naughty. :)
LOL :)

Yeah, but we can't learn to drive until 17???? go figure?

Before anyone asks.....legal age for alcohol consumtion is 14!!
if served in a pub/bar with in food.
(But someone over 18 still has has to buy you it ;))

18 Years old ...ya can get yer belly to the bar and order yer own booze hehe *hic*

Guess we can be trusted to behave that bit earlier on eh ? :p

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