Microwave isp. speed tweak?


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5 Feb 2004
I don't know if this goes here but just got this new isp. got microwave wireless using alvarion. would like to know how to max the speed out of this ?
Moved and had cable isp. sure seemed alot faster ? Stats reports 10mbs ??

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what are the caps of your connection? 10mbps seems high, or is that just what you LAN connection is reporting?
j79zlr said:
what are the caps of your connection? 10mbps seems high, or is that just what you LAN connection is reporting?

I'm new at this what are capsof your con I'm running XP PRO the network con shows that I would like to know the real speed ?

You should have a cap rate given by your ISP. Something like 1500kbps download and 384kbps upload. I haven't dealt with any microwave-typpe connections. One well to guess at your caps is to run a speed test and post the results. http://chi.speakeasy.net
I run the broadband test it came up download speed at 494 kbps.
upload speed 120 kbps .
that sounds pretty good but still seems slow compared to what I was used to the cable
Thank you
ok, your cable probably was significantly faster. I would guess from that that you are either 512 or 768kbps download and 128kbps upload.

Post a TCP analyzer test here, MTU section on down. http://www.speedguide.net/analyzer.php

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