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Microtek scanmaker 5800 good?


High On Life!
well this is a funny story, but i took my scanner into a place to sell it on thursday and my old motherboard, and my friend ordered this microtek scanner, except they sent him 3! lol he only payed for 1 so im ganna probably buy one from him his dad said its ok so they might give it to me for cheap, what do u think of this scanner is it good quality?

Microtek Scanmaker 5800

bush dogg

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Not had the 5800 But have had a microtek 4800. I'm using the scanmaker 4900 now both have been good to me, no problems here with either scanner.


High On Life!
is it good quality, like the picture come out vibrant, i hate my old scanner it use to be grainy, and nothing was wrong with it, it was just grainy when it scanned

bush dogg

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Yes Quality is very good I've scanned and printed alot of pictures and been happy with them all, even better after I installed my new printer
(canon I860) awhile back.

I have a Via based system so it was a little pain to install the scanner but worth it I guess I like it.

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