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microsoft word


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if you open a doc file instead of saving to disc out of internet explorer... edit the file and save it...why does the file disappear once you close word?

i understand that opening directly throws it into a temporary folder, but why can this file not be retrieved?

ive been able to do it in the past...a friend of mine just spent the better part of the night doing a report and now cannot find the file.

is there a way through this frustration

thanks in advance
well you open it from IE the file will have to be dl somewhere to be opened, so it goes to temp., you should be able to retrieve it from there but if you save you have to save as


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like fish says - can I suggest instead of just openning you save it and then open? f you forget to do that then you need to use the "Save As" dialog, yeah?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
or - you could use Fresh Download or sumesuch to handle all your downloads and set the default to aplace you like/know instead of having it as a temporary internet file I guess?

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