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Microsoft Wireless Laser 8000


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Ok. SO i bought the Microsoft Wireless Lasrer 8000. VERY smooth. However, the light on it constantly flashes green and red. I can throw it on the charger and it will be just a green that fades in and out (charging?). But after a bit, it goes to the same green/red pattern. I came home from work today, and it was just a red flashing and i had to restart the computer because the blutooth was not working. Weird ****. I cannot find a technical guide to tell me WTF the red/green flashing is. Anyone have this mouse and know? Would love any help, insight, or ideas.


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Hey thanks! I looked at my mouse and it looks nothing like that one. It has a rocker arm in it that pushes up against a metal plate. I still tried the trick, but it doesn't help. I got an email back from Microsoft and they said it is most likely a pairing problem. I tried it with multiple USB ports and computers and operating systems. I think it is the mouse. It seems to work fine, but who knows if it will continue in the future.


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Does it not tell you in the user guide?
You would think so huh!? However, no. It has no user guide. It comes with a pamphlet with technical details about mouse. A pamphlet of technical details and warnings for the class of laser it uses. And it comes with a quick start/hookup guide for using the mouse. Also, it has those same things on the CD. Furthermore, the same stuff is on the website for documentation for that mouse. Pretty lame. I am waiting for a response now from the guy i talked to. They might just warranty it out as he thinks the blutooth is not pairing correctly.


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I looked at the tech guide and install guide on Microsofts site and they are really worthless. If MS thinks it is a pairing issue and you can't get it to pair with multiple devices it is starting to sound like it is defective. Are you able to return/exchange it?


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Yeah. Once i emailed the tech guy that on multiple PCs and OSes it was having the same issue no matter what i do, he sent a reply asking for my name, address and phone number and stuff for a replacement. Thanks for everyones ideas.


OSNN Citizen Man
Ok, so i got my new replacement mouse. No more problem, no more flashing red/green. Cased closed. However a cool note, the old mouse does work, and MS doesnt want it back :)

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