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Microsoft Windows XP Home


--== babyface ==--
I have recently added a few machines running on Microsoft Windows XP - Home edition in my network and suprisingly, all the machines that have been installed have the same ip address at even though they are set to obtain an ip from the DHCP server.

Any reason to this please?? : (


--== babyface ==--
No one is willing to help me?? :confused:

:eek: .. just like to know why is all the machines running on win xp home on my network automatically takes as its IP and despite that no message of conflict of ip address? thats all ..

Mr. K

OSNN Occasional
This may be a dumb question, but are you sure you're not looking at the Subnet Mask or Gateway addresses?

Are you viewing the IPs on the individual machines or a client list on your DHCP server?


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thats the default ip when windows can't obtain an ip addy by itself.

set the ip's manually.


--== babyface ==--
Its the IP on the client machine which I am looking at by typing the command ipconfig in the command prompt.

Anyway, there is a DHCP server on the network and all other machines (running on Win98SE or Win2K) is able to obtain ip address from it except for these Win XP Home machines.

I wish not to set the ip address manually, which is why the reason for the DHCP server. But I am puzzled, why all the Win XP Home machines? Even my Win XP Pro machines can obtain their IP address from the DHCP machines. : (


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I don't know why Home is doing this when Pro is not, but I do know that those machines would not be able to access the network while all having the same IP. In other words, these machines are not actually receiving this IP from the DHCP server, nor are they actually registered on the network. My guess is that your issue is due to Home's lack of advanced networking features, but I'm not sure what specifically is causing the problem.

For testing purposes, I would assign IPs manually, just to see if that gets the computers on the network. If so, you can work from there in solving the issue. Also, is the ICF disabled on those machines? If not, that could cause problems.

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