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9 Sep 2002
A while back someone posted about binding the tilt wheel on one of the new Microsoft mice. Anyone know if it can be done? I'm looking to bind it in Enemy Territory if that helps, good ol' Quake engine.

Any help is appreciated.
Bought myself a tilt mouse about a month ago but totally forgot about those buttons about 10 minutes after I got it all installed!
Heh, I dont use them for side scrolling, but could be handy in gaming
The one thing I don't like about it, and I am talking about the intellimouse explorer 2.0 is that mouse wheel is very very sensitive.

the mouse itself is alot more sensitive and thats fantastic. it zips around, makes me twice as good as CS.
But if I use the mousewheel to switch weapons it can take me a couple of seconds, which is a pain in the arse as
a) I might have a knife out and be trying to flick it uselessly onto my colt
b) I buy a colt and need to switch to a knife, as you run faster with a knife - fumbling means I lose a couple of all crucial steps.
I probably have same mouse, I got the Desktop Elite set with keyboard as well. With the mouse, I've noticed the middle button scrolling is alot more sensitive as well, alot more. Switching weapons is most affected as you sometimes flip past the one you want.

Got used to it now, just.
Yeah, I picked mine up for £55 at Amazon.

Also so the elite executive down at staples.
The mouse had leather on it I tell thee.
Was hoping mine would too, but sadly no.
Hrm, just had a response on another forum and the person says you cant bind the key "yet".

Not much help :(
You just know you would end up binding to something important and knocking it every 5 minutes anyway :D
Heh probably :)

Someone must be working on drivers, or software that isnt ****e like the software that comes with it.

Guess i'll have to keep my eyes and ears open to it
sods law.. with all my faffing the side scrolling doesnt work at all now...

I know, i'm so gutted i'm going to go to bed.

Live to fight another day :)
well it is 5am

It's about time for cheer down by george harrison
you can change the mouse wheel sensitivity in the options EP
Yeah, I am just bitching tho, my old mousewheel use to have a tiny little click for each switch making it very easy, this new one is just too smooth :)
I think that was me that posted about it. I wasn't able to get it to work in older games. CoD works with it.

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