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5 Mar 2002
I am using outlook for a mail client, i have 2 profiles on it. I have broadband, but the annoying thing is that when i SWITCH user it asks( youare already connected to the internet do you want to use this connection). This is annoying as once you click yes it asks you to select (AGAIN) which user. Is there a way that i can just select change user and miss out the connection bit.
Outlook 98 / 2000 / XP / 2003 or Outlook Express??
dont worry it is a simple config ... some check box under Tools > Options > Connections tab > uncheck Ask Before Switching Dialup Connections or if that isnt check look below that where it says Internet Connection Settings and click Change now make sure you have a bullet where it says Never Dial a Connection... there is one other place to check if those 2 dont work...
In OE click Tools then click Accounts the click the Mail tab (if not already selected) and double click on your email settings ... click the Connection tab and uncheck the box there...
By default OE will use IE's connection settings. Check this for both accounts (I am assuming you have 2, one for each profile)
See if that helps.

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