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Microsoft Outlook Express, Using 2 Accounts on the same dairy


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the head, and deputy head of the school i work for have asked me to set both of their e-mail accounts up so that they can both access the same diary on outlook. Can anyone explain how to do this i've looked around and can't really find the solution!

just to be more clear, it's the outlook that comes with office, on it's start page it has a calander, telling you what tasks you have today, they both have different emails but want to look at the same diary.



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If in fact it is the full version of Outlook (and not Outlook Express) then you have a couple different options.

You can setup a second profile:

Make sure Outlook is closed
Right click the desktop icon (or go to the Control Panel and choose Mail)
Click Show Profiles
Select Add
Follow the prompts

However, if you want both accounts to deliver to the same profile you can simply add a new account.

With Outlook open go to the Tools menu
E-mail Accounts
Select "Add a new.."
Follow the prompts to setup a new account

You can also setup a second set of Personal Folders and route the mail from one account to that set of folders. Let me know if you want that information.


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Thanks, i'll check that out.

I should also point out that these are on two different computers over a network and both need to access the same calandar file.


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yes, they are.

I've just been in talks with a bloke from a company called RM and he quoted me just under £1000 for a Microsoft Exchance Server (software) which is capable of doing what i want, he also reccommended we buy a seperate server for it to run no, either that or i'll be syncing their diarys every friday afternoon.

There must be other possibilities ;)
He wants you to buy a server for 2 users?

HAAHAHAHHAHAHA. I'm googling for other solutions....

Madmatt's solution should work fine - we will keep looking.


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well he didnt know it was for 2 users, we just said we wanted ms exchange n he was like we reccomend you get a seperate server for that aswell... jsut a way to sponge more money off us! anyway thanks for the those website, so far no further tho :)


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If you're thinking of putting a server in I would recommend Small Business Server (10 user CAL).

SBS is really nice and includes Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and more all built into one server.

But SBS is for small businesses with less than 10-20 users.

It's not badly priced either, ~$700.00 USD.

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