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Microsoft Outlook Does Not Show New Mails


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Hi. I am using XP Pro SP2 and using Microsoft Outlook 2003 as my default email for my laptop. It just started recently when this problem came out. Before I can view incoming messages after my "new email notification sounds", this time I can hear the new email sound but when I look at my inbox or other folders for a new email there is none. I tried searching for new emails but none. on my desktop I can download the new emails with no problem. Both are set up to leave the messages on the server so that I can download all emails anywhere. What could be wrong.? Thanks.
If your talking about what I think you are what your seeing is the delay between when your email program sees the mails and when the antivirus finishes scanning them and allows access. It now takes several minutes on my PC, it used to be instantaneous. The reason for the new delay is all the graphical attachments the scum sucking spammers are using to evade email filters.

The other possibility is the reason I Eudora at home instead of Outlook. Outlooks security method is too invasive blocking emails and attachments I want becasue they may have hazardous content.


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The emails that I am receiving are just plain emails with no attachment. The email does not even show up even after the new mail notification. Just right now my desktop received and email. My notebook "said", "you got mail", but looking into my emailer it does not show anything new and can't even search it. :(


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I would put the desktop and the laptop side by side to watch the results.

Maybe something isn't working right, but that may give you a better identifier of what's going on.

Are you using any rules? Sometimes mail can dump into a folder that may be nested within your inbox, which obviously wouldn't be an easy thing to spot. Rules can be server or client based, which if they are client based would present different actions on your laptop versus your desktop.

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