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Microsoft Origami Revelaed - HOT!

Perris Calderon

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hey nick, good to see you

every computer has gps capability

<--------- I loaded gps into that poclet pc telephone, it works better then a carmin

it's cute I want one, but all I see is a small computer with on screen input
hey perris! :D

I have a Garmin GPS that I connect to my laptop on long drives, so yes, I can do otherwise but sometimes I'd like something like a Epson P-4000, but with a price tag of nearly $700 and only the ability to hold photos, it's not enough.
Blogged about this yesterday, so I'll just CnP that. :)

A few days ago, people stumbled upon a new viral marketing site, and a WHOIS revealed that the domain belonged to Microsoft. Then came a surge of speculation, and after a few hints were dropped by people within the company, it was determined that this had something to do with a new device that Microsoft will be announcing later this week.

People continued to dig around for more hints, until finally, someone discovered an actual promotional video.. And it looks sweet. Really, really sweet. Think of it as an ultra-portable TabletPC-like device, about the size of a small notepad, that functions as a digital media player (with a nice, big screen for video), a portable gaming device (was that Halo in the video?!), a scratchpad/notebook/journal, a PDA, a GPS unit, and more. The video does a great job highlighting various different scenarios in which it can be used. From what I could tell, it even seems to have built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, so that you can tether it to your cellphone's data connection when you're out in the middle of nowhere, or use a broadband connection over WiFi when you're close to home or a public access-point. Smart.

More details are expected to show up on the Origami site on March 2nd. I just hope it's priced well too, whenever it makes its way into the market. As much as I'd love to have one (assuming it's as awesome as it looks in the video), I can't really pick one up anytime soon, but I'd really like to see something like this take-off. The utility value, especially for students, would be incredible.


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Definitely quite an improvement over the first Tablet PCs. And that green/white design is definitely meant to be targeted for the Japanese market, since they are more likely to be early adopters than skeptical Americans. But, of course, they also happen to have a black design.

I'll be curious to see if the Origami will be more than just a one-time gimmick, or if it can be truly useful. And, of course, I'd be interested in seeing how much one of those costs. If it's around USD $500, I'd imagine that it could be quite hot, since it would take some thunder out of the laptop market.



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Ha, I was thinking that after I posted.

I'm bored at work, please forgive me :D

That was inspired by a new RSS feed from the Origami site, it planted the seed in me :)

hi there

hi there...wondering where to find me?
I was sitting there, "Yes, I want to know where to find you!"
Seriously, don't get your hopes up too high. There might not even be a product announcement at the end of it. This could very well end up being a product that's still a few months away. It's exciting, but hyping it up too much will only lead to disappointment. :)

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