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Microsoft Office Word 2007 (Beta) HELP required please


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Please could somebody inform me how I should go about disabling the 'Recent Documents' menu from the 'File' or Windows logo button in Word 2007?

I want it to disappear entirely, rather than just reducing the number of files displayed in the list.

Also, is there any way to change the thesaurus from US to UK? And can you set the thesaurus as the default 'Reference Book'?

Many thanks in anticipation.


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Not really sure how to it, but if you use the CTRL + ALT + Hyphen key it will turn your mouse into a dash and let you delete the files from your recent menu. You will have to repeat the combination for each document, and they will be gone. Files do come back as you open them, so this may be a temp fix.

BTW, please don't bump threads, it does not make people help you any faster :)

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