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Microsoft Office Excel Question - Filtering?


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Version 2003 (SP2)

One of my users gets a Excel Spreadsheet with order data once a week. A former employees used to filter this data out into different tabs.

Here's the tab structure.

Order Data (the main sheet)
Outside Vendor (a sheet that only shows orders that we are waiting on someone else)
Job (a sheet that only shows internal job numbers)
...and so on...

In the Order Data tab there is a column called Status. Status can be several different things. e.g. "JOB ..." or "BMC ...."

If it says "JOB ..." we want it to go to the Job tab. If it says "BMC ..." we want it to go to the Outside Vendor tab.

Problem is that there are several different vendors. The employee said she saw the former employee do this several times and he only clicked a few buttons. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thank you.
Macro with an If statement to check the order type and then cut and paste commands to move the order to a new sheet (tab). There are commands to use in the macro that will take you to the first blank entry space (row or column) on a sheet.

(or copy and paste to retain the original)

Save the macro as a keystroke combo.

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