Microsoft OFFICE 2003 or XP [ ? ]


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Yes , time for poll .. select the one you're using or will .
If my brother wouldn't buy 2003 edition for office I wouldn't have been able to try it .. So 2003 here . You ? :eek:

Sustain with arguments .. would be more human

Mr. K

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For my needs, there is no justification for me to upgrade from XP. I tried the 2003 beta, and while it had a few new features I liked (Word's reading view, Outlook's new layout), they aren't enough to justify the expense.


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Office 2003 is Great, some kool new features, but if u alrdy have office xp it aint worth the upgrade but if u dont def get 2003
I beta tested 2003 and as a company decided to buy it as I was rather impressed with it. BUT, on my home machine (Win XP) I use Appleworks which I find supremely easier to use and because it was written in assembler is infinitely smaller and runs faster!!
We have Office 2000 on the machines at work while I use Office XP at home. Got Office XP as an OEM version on my home machine and laptop. I really didn't see much improvement between 2K and XP.

I probably won't upgrade my personal systems to Office 2003 until a service pack is released or if I get a new home PC.

We may considering upgrading the Win @k and XP clients to Office 2003 sometime next year. We have 2 PCs at work still runing Windows 98, but I understand you need either Win 2K or XP for office 2003. So when we replace those PCa, we'll get Office 2003 on the replacement ones


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Using Office 2000 at home - is great man!
Using Office XP at work - sucks donkey appendage
Just ordered 2003 for home through a company buy deal - should be better.

I tried XP at home for a couple days and removed it. Stability problems, intrusive features, etc. Hated it! It's a pain at work too.

Please tell me I can turn off that ugly look and feel on 2003? I'd hate to feel I just wasted $20.
I use Office 2003 and i think it is alot better then Office XP. The layout of Outlook is unbelievably better which is why i use it all the time now :D.. ill be looking forward to see the sneak release images of the next Office when it comes nearer to the time.. i wonder if it can actually get any better when it comes to layout than Office 2003

All in All, im very happy with Office 2003, i found its alot more reliable to use and it is slightly quicker to load than Office XP

Alex :cool:


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im usin it to (2003), its good but if u alrdy have Office Xp then i wudnt really say theres a huge bundle of new features 4 the cost


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Please tell me I can turn off that ugly look and feel on 2003? I'd hate to feel I just wasted $20

I don't think so .. , maybe in the nearest future will exist some themes for Office suite ..:rolleyes: .. it would be a reason for turning off? ..

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