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Microsoft Office 2003 Beta


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If anyone is interested in playing with this beta you can order it from Microsoft for $19.95 s/h. at:


What You'll Get
With this beta kit, you will receive:

Microsoft Office 2003 Beta 2 CD—including Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003, Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003, and Microsoft Office Access 2003
Microsoft Office FrontPage® 2003 Beta 2 CD
Microsoft Office InfoPath™ 2003 Beta 2 CD
Microsoft Office OneNote™ 2003 Beta 2 CD (OneNote standalone beta is also available by visiting the OneNote Beta order page.)
Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 Beta 2 CD
Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact Manager for Small Business Beta 2 CD
Microsoft SharePoint™ Portal Server "v2.0" Beta 2 CD
Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services "v2.0" Beta 2 CD
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (release candidate 2) CD
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Beta 2 CD
Getting Started Guide (printed)
Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003 Developer Resource CD
Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003 Demo CD
Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003 Evaluation CD
Note: The Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003 requires Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 or later, or Windows XP. You will have an opportunity to request a free* trial copy of Windows XP on the order page.

Important Notices
This offer is available only for as long as quantities last.
This software is intended for evaluation purposes only.
There is no product support for this beta release.
Before you order the kit, confirm that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003.
Microsoft TechNet Plus subscribers will already be receiving the Office System Beta 2 products with the April issue. Visit the TechNet Web site to learn more about TechNet subscriptions.
MSDN® Universal subscribers will have access to download the Office System Beta 2 starting March 11, 2003. Visit the MSDN Web site to learn more about MSDN subscriptions.
The Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003 cannot be shipped to a post office box.
Beta testers may experience problems with the beta kit which could potentially result in loss, corruption, or destruction of existing data. This beta testing release is not appropriate for production use, and it is strongly recommended that you back up your existing data before you install and run this software.
If any previous versions of Microsoft Office or other programs included in the kit are installed on your computer, be sure to back up your entire computer and all its contents prior to installing the beta. If you remove a previous version of a program, but want the option to reinstall it later, you must have a copy of your previous version installation source (for example, the installation CD).
The software can be installed on up to five unique computers and each install must be activated through the online Office Activation Wizard (or by telephone).
The Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003 is time-limited software that expires when the user's computer system clock reaches November 30, 2003; at which time the product will operate under reduced functionality mode limiting end-user options and operations.
For additional information about the beta, visit the Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003 FAQ. For additional information about the Office System, see the Microsoft Office System FAQ.
I got mine free from microsoft. It is installed and has not given me any problems yet. My kids love it also as they are always using my computer intead of theirs since I do not have xp or win2k installed on theirs yet.


OSNN Addict
...it's really fun. The Office 2003 stuff loses "full functionality" on Nov 30, but the Win2003 Server (Enterprise Edition!) has a 360 day trial period before it blows up. It's dang fast.



Beware the G-Man
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People payed $200.00 dollars for an OS that is buggy... so $19.99 isn't so bad for a buggy Office Suite. But ya still goin down the same hole. :p
There's of course lots of new features, a basically new Outlook, new programs OneNote and InfoPath, and xml integration throughout all of the office programs. What is very possibly worth 20 bucks is the 360 day trial of Windows .Net Server Enterprise, an operating system (looks a lot like xp) that runs network servers, so there's lots of good stuff that you might not be able to play with otherwise (Enterprise edition sells for about $1000us). I believe the license is for 5 computers, so if you've got a home network set up you could play corporate IT systems guy, or host a web site for a year. There are really very few bugs, some of course, but nothing is crashing all over the place. I'm having fun so far! I don't know a lot about a lot of this stuff, so I'm happy to be able to have it around to play with (and yes I got it free - 12 cds, hey when it's over I'll have a complete coaster set for dinner parties!!!)


(ps I count at least 10 programs, plus the OS. So a 6 mo trial of access, powerpoint, publisher, front page, etc for less than $2 a pop!)


OSNN Senior Addict
i got an invite from microsoft to test onenote.

iam not a beta tester, but i now have the office system beta kit 2 2003 :D outlook 2003 all thoes cds, now what shal i install 1st lol
/me prepares for a system crash from installign beta software lol
Actually, the Office 2003 Beta (Build 5207) is very stable. I have been using it for a while now, and none of the components have crashed on me yet.
Outlook is definitely the best improvement in the whole Office system. The new interface saves a lot of space, and the built-in baynesian Junk Mail filtering is pretty awesome. Works with Hotmail too :)


I got mine for free too and must admit, it's preety good. Running server 2003 but not using it for a server, no crashes, plays games fine. Not a whole lot different than XP, except for the server functions. And yes outlook is MUCH BETTER. If you like to learn or expermint[or learn how to spell] it is worth the twenty bucks.

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