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Microsoft Office 12 will named Office 2007


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"Well I saw Office 12 demo's at IT Forum where the apps were named Office 2007, also as mentioned earlier on Bink.nu, the name change of all office apps now have the name Office in them. So Microsoft Office Word" and not "Microsoft Word"

Now with Office Online Beta (Office Online Beta) the name Office 2007 appears again, so we can expect to launch as Office 2007.

I also saw Exchange 12 as Exchange 2007, this might change to Exchange 2008 cause it will be released in Q1 2007. On the other hand marketing would like to see the names in sync. Nice detail is that the binaries for Exchange 12 are 8.0 while Exchange 2003 are 6.5.
7.0 had codename Kodiak and was cancelled."



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Is the naming really that surprising?

We've already seen Windows 95/98/2000/2003 and Office 97/2000/2003 as well as Office XP with all its components as word 2002/excel 2002 etc.


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Well, Office 11 was named Office 2003 so this isn't suprising.

It could be worse. They could have named Windows Vista as Windows 2007 or the year of it's release date :D


Ha marketing has gone down hill for everything. The army just did a gun that can do like 240 rounds per minute or something, and they just name it "the super gun".. Something cool like "awesome office" to make it sound better than the year..


NO NO NO kcnychief, have work buy it for you :) I tell my company I need the newest features and they give me authorization to buy it and we are all happy. The funny part is they actual work boxes (not my laptop) still has office 2000 while i am using 2003 :p
Not surprising. Office is considered a business product, so they'd follow the same naming convention as before, instead of fancy names like Vista. Just like 'Longhorn' Server will be named Windows Server 200x.


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I'm with NR. Business products/servers seem to have year names, OS products have an actual name (ME, XP, Vista).

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