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Microsoft nears movie deal for 'Halo' videogame


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Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox teamed up to make the winning offer that calls for an initial payment of $5 million plus 10 percent of initial box office receipts, sources said, although they cautioned that final details may change.

A formal announcement is likely next week after creative issues are hammered out between the studios and Microsoft

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Yeah, this is great. At least it won't turn out like the Doom movie...which sounds absolutely horrible now :)

It also means MS is serious about this movie.


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The Rock as the Space Marine? I can see that. You do remember the face in the middle of your status bar at the bottom of the game's screen don't you. Now think of The Rock's face there looking from side to side like the face of the Space Marine did. :p

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Well, I hope no one minds if I'm, shall I say cautiously optomistic... There is basis from the article to suggest this might go better then some movies based on video games in the past

In this case, however, Microsoft hired writer Alex Garland, who penned 2003 horror hit "28 Days Later," to dream up the story. Microsoft and CAA then sent their script to the studios and demanded to be part of the creative development.

"Microsoft is not in the business of making movies, and that is why we want to partner with the studios. (But) we have an obligation to make sure the 'Halo' franchise is protected and is something 'Halo' fans can be proud of," said de Leon.

He said that soon after the first "Halo" game became a hit in 2001, Microsoft was approached by Hollywood studios and producers wanting to snap up the movie rights, but the company was always mindful of maintaining some sort of creative input.
We have seen how some movies have turned out in the past however... I'm sorta in wait and see mode...


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NetRyder said:
Nice! Wonder who plays Master Chief. :)
Hmm. They might hire some unknown dude to play him, as you're never shown his face in the videogames anyway, and I don't think they should show it in the movie.

How will the audience feel a connection with the character if they can't even see his face? That presents and interesting challenge for the movie makers.

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