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Microsoft Mouse Misbehaving


Not Just for Fair Weather
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I'm using a friend's Vista machine and she's complaining about her MS Mouse (Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000) misbehaving. She's right. I can't find out where to check settings in Vista to fix:
- focus changes immediately when the mouse moves outside a window
- must double-click instead of single click when last week the single click worked
- the alt seems to have been enabled
- other unexpected results

I went to computer > hardware and sound > mouse properties and wasn't able to check/set any of the buttons ... and I can't find the tab/page/window to check/fix settings in the MS Mouse. (I've always used Logitech and am on XP, so Vista is unfamiliar to me)

Friend said that "suddenly mouse began being weird, she replaced batteries, but didn't fix the problem".


Here's the mouse:


Not Just for Fair Weather
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Thanks Carpo . .. I have no idea what you wrote ;) ... but it turns out there's a "mouse controller" with a clever little button that one can push to reset the mouse behavior ... and voila ... all is good.

I'm clearly going to have to read the Vista documentation before I use it myself :)

Dark Atheist

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thats what i meant - on the kb and mouse i had there was a little button that would connect or discconect it from the reciever :) - i wasnt very clear ;)

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