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Microsoft Money 2004 Questions


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Hey guys,

Hopefully some people who are pretty experienced at MS Money 2004 can help me. I have this program so that I can keep track of my statements on my own program and not worrying about my online bank register. Now that I'm getting older I'm getting some more bills to pay. I was putting my upcoming Auto Insurance bill in my desk to get it out of my face, but then the worry came: What if I forget to pay it? I've been looking around MS Money and there is a Bill Pay option...

Now I'm trying to figure this out. You're given information about the person you're paying, how you want to pay them [Direct Debit, Write Check, Other, Print Statement], a memo, how often this transaction is to occur, and when the next payment date is to occur. Now one of the first things is that is this going to be a reminder? Or is this actually going to pay the bill for me? I also don't like to write checks, rather I use my Check Card. Would Direct Debit be the better option? Also, my bill is due on 9/8/04... Now, I don't want to set it up so that it'll pay exactly on that day now do I, rather I should set it up so that it pays a few days before hand?

Is there something else I should be looking at? Perhaps an actual reminder that I can use w/o the program running? I'm just a bit worried about this, because if this doesn't work, there will definately be a problem with my insurance because it would cause a late payment. I'm just trying to figure out everything since this is a new thing for me. *Sighs*


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It will just appear as a reminder when you open Money, or will enter the transaction into the account in money automatically. There's no way it can pay it for you, sorry. I think a post-it note on the top of your screen to act as a reminder might be a better way!


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Haha, perhaps... then again though those things tend to fall off here all the time anyways. So much humidity in NJ they can't get that great of a hold sometimes! Hmm... I wonder if there are any other ways to take care of this. I know there are a lot of different types of financial programs out there... but I really don't feel like taking the time to learn a new one. :/

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