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As most of us know Microsoft Licensing has never worked. And to top it off Terminal Server Licensing is just as bad.

I have 10 Device CAL registered on my MetaFrame server. For those of you who don't know, when a "device" connects it registers a license with the license server which becomes valid for 90 days.

However, if you reformat that client workstation and then reconnect to the terminal server it creates a new license (Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 234319).

This can be a problem and it became a problem in my case.

All 10 Device CAL were used up and a client went to connect to the server. Since Microsoft Licensing is buggy at best he was able to connect, but all these errors and warnings are generated in the Event Viewer (which any good admin hates to see).

So I come across the above article and call the 1-888 number listed to receive information on the fix. Of course I knew what was coming. "This is a technical support issue". Okay. Thanks. I'll hold.

"$249?..." I'm sure some of you can imagine what was said next. To make a long story short, I refused to pay any fee whatsoever to Microsoft and insisted that the information be provided to be free of charge. There was no mention of a fee in the article and therefore the information should be free of charge.

After making it quite clear I wasn't going to tolerate this I was passed through to Support and I received the information I needed.

They don’t call me the IT NAZI for nothing.

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Same as the issue I had the other day, we don't licence TS tho we just go for the 2 free remote administration mode... Can be a damn pain though.

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