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By John Leyden
Published Friday 13th May 2005 11:35 GMT
Microsoft is to deliver an all-in-one PC health check service targeted at consumers. Windows OneCare will offer performance tuning, PC maintenance, backup and security functions via a consumer subscription service.

Key capabilities and features of Windows OneCare will include: providing automatically updated anti-virus, anti-spyware and two-way firewall protection. Windows OneCare can also automatically carry out periodic maintenance tasks such as disk cleanup, hard-drive defragmentation and file repair, options that already come as standard with Windows.

More useful is OneCare's facility to automated backup files by category onto CD and DVD, along with the option to back up all files on the system or only those that have changed since the last backup. If files are accidentally deleted or corrupted, the service is designed to restore saved versions or map them onto a new PC.

"Windows OneCare will offer performance tuning..."
All I can say to that is... LOL?
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I guess for people who do not have the time or knowledge to care for their PC and can spend the 80 to 100 dollars a year this may be worth it.


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NetRyder said:
What's amusing about the performance tuning part anyway?
I believe he was trying to have fun with it. Sometime M$ thinks that when they come up with an idea that has been around for some time like tweaking XP or a
similar concept. its ground breaking. "performance tuning" i think fits in that catagory We as PC users have been "performance tuning" windows for years....

dave holbon

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I’ve often wondered why such a breach of, well understanding has so easily been missed by the computer literate community which is mostly made up of about 0.1% of the Western Hemisphere. The rest of planet treats computers like television sets or radios tuning them in to whatever channel. The so called knowledgeable community treat them like cars, you know, which have to be serviced every so often by running various utilities and downloading the latest updates etc, indeed this seems to be Microsoft’s view i.e. it’s the drivers fault.

In reality computing is still in its infancy with the only “nearish” secure operating systems merely the ones that not many people use, so are not targeted by the hacker community that often. Why are we talking about such things as virus checkers, spywhare and other related issues? It’s because only recently (the last five years or so) these have become an issue as money is to be made here from both sides of the fence so to speak. Reality would dictate that such utilities should not be necessary but then we are talking here about a child, not a street-wise educated and money orientated bunch of individuals.

A completely new approach is called for here, new operating systems based on modules and not the old ring mode execution and subsidiary commands (as a structure), executive NT way of structured programming or object models or for that matter the Unix way as it is exactly the same, but a new approach based on another view of computing like the old punch cards technology but embedded in the motherboard chipsets, so when you purchase a motherboard the operating system is already in place, we don’t care about hardware issued then as the motherboard will handle them.

It will be virtually impossible for any virus then to gain control of the system, that is until the next breed of geeks gets educated (ten years to comply). Until then we will all be driving around in cars that let in the rain, by design.
:) :)


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Read closely!

This is a subscription Service. i.e. you pay them every month for the rest of your life. This is another attempt by M$ to make Gate$ a trillionaire instead of a measly billionaire. They tried it with business software packages and licenses and pretty much got told to screw off.

Don't support it. Anything it offers is free off the web.
tdinc said:
I believe he was trying to have fun with it. Sometime M$ thinks that when they come up with an idea that has been around for some time like tweaking XP or a
similar concept. its ground breaking. "performance tuning" i think fits in that catagory We as PC users have been "performance tuning" windows for years....
We've been doing it because we're power users. How many regular users even know what the registry is? :) This sounds like something that will allow those users to tune their systems through an easier UI-based approach.

Is it worth a subscription fee for you and me? Probably not. Is it useless as a whole? Probably not either.
I don't make judgements until I see a working product.


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Is it worth something that the O/S should be doing by itself anyway?

Running processes?

I still don't understand why all the BS needs to be set on "automatic" for ANY PC.(Winders services) When manual will do fine for most, if the user or system needs it it can be started.

This is just another crap way to make MS money on something that they should be doing themselvs anyway.


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LeeJend said:
Read closely!

This is a subscription Service. i.e. you pay them every month for the rest of your life. This is another attempt by M$ to make Gate$ a trillionaire instead of a measly billionaire. They tried it with business software packages and licenses and pretty much got told to screw off.

Don't support it. Anything it offers is free off the web.

Yeah and how many similar services out there on the web are "pay for"? It's the kind of thing that if you want it use it. If not, don't use it. Most people out there don't know defrag from defrost. You think they are going to know how to go online and find these free sites to maintain their computers? Many of us tweak our PC to the edge and back. We try all sorts of different things to get the most out of our machines. We know what to do (to a point :p) if our machines start to slow down or if programs start to freeze up or Defragging on a periodic basis and maintaining it in tip top shape. We even call our PCs different names. Most of the cunsumers out there that purchase a PC don't know squat as to how to maintain them.

I work in the automotive industry and I see sooo many people that bring their vehicles to our garage that don't know anything about what's under the hood. Let alone what they need to maintain to keep it running correctly. Some of us tweak our cars/trucks. We work on them to make them our own. If something breaks most of the time we can fix it. But if it's something beyond our knowledge, we take it to the repair garage and we pay. There are no free of charge auto techs out there in the world. The same principal applies to the computer industry. John/Jane Q. Consumer goes out and buys a PC they take it home and plug it in... "where's the 'any key?'" :rolleyes: Two months down the road their PC starts to act strange. They either take it into a computer shop or they know someone that knows someone that kinda fixes computers. X amount of dollars later, their PC is either better or it's worse than before.

Now Microsoft has figured out that they can sell people a service for their PCs because most don't know anything of what goes on inside it. So why not sell them a service that takes all the guess work out of dealing with the maintenance aspect of it. Hell, it's their software to begin with. Why shouldn't they maintain it? So they charge for the service, so what. Lot's of other companies do the same thing. For the ones like us that know where to look, it's free. For everyone else, you pay. Or your PC goes all to hell. Be it Mom 'n Pop computer maintenance Co. or Microsoft Corp.

If Microsoft wasn't sooo huge you wouldn't gripe about it. They're a business, they are in the business of making money. If it was like, let's say Mozilla. Maybe a bit smaller and they were doing this... and charging. Would you complain? Hey like I said before, if ya don't want to use it don't.
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Well said, gonaads. :)

I find it amusing when people get sour about Gates' wealth. He had the technical and business sense to grab the opportunities that came his way and make the most out of them. Well, more power to him. All of you are welcome to do the same.


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Personally I think Bill Gates is pretty amazing all you guys bitching about him are probably poor and bitter, do you have any idea just how much money this guy donates, i'm talking Billions. He has charities here at home that help poor disadvantaged children, he runs uni's clinics, and gives to many many charities, all whilst taking our world to another lvl of software, where do you really think we would be without Windows, in the ****ing dark ages. Do you really think computers would be in 2/3rds of all western homes if it wasn't for win 95 and onwards, no, some would use macs for sure, the are great machines, but microsoft brought about a revolution you cannot even imagine living without. So before you jump on the "i hate bills gates" band wagon know the man your talking about.

to back me up:

Where the Money Goes

* $1 billion over 20 years to establish the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program, which will support promising minority students through college and some kinds of graduate school.
* $750 million over five years to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, which includes the World Health Organization, the Rockefeller Foundation, Unicef, pharmaceutical companies and the World Bank.
* $350 million over three years to teachers, administrators, school districts and schools to improve America’s K-12 education, starting in Washington State.
* $200 million to the Gates Library Program, which is wiring public libraries in America’s poorest communities in an effort to close the “digital divide.”
* $100 million to the Gates Children’s Vaccine Program, which will accelerate delivery of lifesaving vaccines to children in the poorest countries of the world.
* $50 million to the Maternal Mortality Reduction Program, run by the Columbia University School of Public Health.
* $50 million to the Malaria Vaccine Initiative, to conduct research on promising candidates for a malaria vaccine.
* $50 million to an international group called the Alliance for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer.
* $50 million to a fund for global polio eradication, led by the World Health Organization, Unicef, Rotary International and the U.N. Foundation.
* $40 million to the International Vaccine Institute, a research program based in Seoul, South Korea.
* $28 million to Unicef for the elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus.
* $25 million to the Sequella Global Tuberculosis Foundation.
* $25 million to the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, which is creating coalitions of research scientists, pharmaceutical companies and governments in developing countries to look for a safe, effective, widely accessible vaccine against AIDS.

So i have to say in conclusion that you need to keep it quiet about this man that did not only invent the computing world we know, but who is also trying to really make it a world that the poor can know as well.

And i personally feel he has every right to destroy all competition, why the hell does any government european or american think they have the right to get involved in a companies legitimate growth, they are not an enron or an A anderson, but they get attacked more than any other company, they deserve their place as one of the most powerfull companies in the world and the most powerfull computer os co of our times, they built it from scratch, i'm sure your attitude would be different is bill gates was your father and he had accomplised all this, i'm sure you dislike would then be abject adoration and a pride you couldn't describe.


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Hell of a list of donations.

So now you see, even with his "billions" <insert evil Dr. Evil laugh here>, he still gives back in a huge way. How many other so called "billionares" give that much?


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hmmmm i wish i was poor then i would be given loads of money in donations and i'd be rich, but i have my suspicions others have tried this plan before.:laugh:

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