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28 Nov 2004
I have the Microsoft Intellimouse Optical and I've been using 4.1 with program specific buttons and ever since I've updated my drivers to 5.0 the option for program specific buttons has been taken out. Why would an updated driver take away functionality, this is just plain annoying. Is Microsoft trying to piss me off or what?

Now ever since I un-installed 5.0 and went back to 4.1 a certain cpl file error comes up if I need to recreate the problem just let me know and I will.
I found this, kinda. On the old drivers i could assign mouse buttons to most keys such as shift. Can't do this with 5.0
Ya I'm most certain I have selected the right mouse. During install I select the Intellimouse Optical and I searched for my mouse on Microsoft's site to ensure I was selecting the correct mouse. On the other hand with 5.0 no matter what mouse you select program specific buttons have been removed from the software from what I can see.

This really sucks! Anyone know of a workaround or better drivers im using 5.0 and 4.12 or 4.1.
Still using the newest 4.x version at home... the fact they took the program-specific option out of v5 sucks to be perfectly honest. I'm also looking for a work-around to get it back. I just uninstalled v5, rebooted the system and then installed 4.x again and it worked fine... so unsure of why you get .cpl problems :(
I also un-installed v5 and went back to v4 again for the hundredth time now, and v4 isn't detecting the type of mouse I have, the preview picture is showing an ordinary mouse.
uninstall v4 and reboot. reinstall v4 and reboot... that work then?
ill bet it something like they did with ms office license on the pc with the hattenschweiller font...
yes...definitely irritating. Got groovy new mouse, came bundled with v5, so I installed thinking it'd be all fun and magical...not the case

Lost my ability to ultra-supar-fast-save in the middle of typing some massive essay/ flash fun. I don't usually complain and cry about MS stuff like most everyone, but this sucks the big one.

can anyone formulate an idea as to why theyd nuke (in my opinion) the best feature?

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