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Microsoft Expression Line


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Expression Web went final back in November. I tried it on my test box. It is a huge improvement over FrontPage but it still has some catching up to do against Dreamweaver. It is a very good first attempt for a complete overhaul.


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I may give it a shot as Frontpage has been my product of choice for awhile. I know Frontpage is relatively dead as of now, and the features within have been suitable enough that I haven't needed to transition to Dreamweaver.

I'll give it a trial, thanks!


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If you want Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and Dreamweaver 8 then let me know. I ended up ordering the wrong "upgrade" version for Creative Suite and now I am stuck with an extra copy of each.


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FrontPage has been discontinued. Expression is the new product line and it is not related to the Office lineup.

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