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Microsoft.com Hacked and Defaced


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
see it was a .uk page though - yet the hackers seem like they may be non-UK? Ayone googled or know of this wolfgroup? Seems slightly lame to me - wonder if they reported to MS their methods to help improve security? Or what else they did? Did MS react and how.... HMMmmm may google a moment but really SHOULD be doing other things :p

[EDIT] see here Also noticed that if you google on outlaw group wolfblack this is not the top hit - top hit is the MS page they had to fix at present - so MS missed a bit of cleaning up there maybe? ;) :p .... I did look a little further too, they're a brazilian outfit and I am not posting any more links because they start to go into areas th emods would definitely not appreciate :eek: [/EDIT]


Generally Random
bleh. I hate hacks where people just put their name on something in spazz form. Less harmful than an aggressive attack though I suppose, and probably what I would go given the necessary tools and knowledge (and possibly inclination :rolleyes: )


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
^^ AWwww c'mon, I agree with you and believe that even you (given time and inclination) could come up with something mildly witty and spoof like - maybe a link and something enticeful like a banner promising some free M$ software or something? ;) Just don't link to OSNN unless you want a banning I guess? :) *runs*

I think these guys were probably slightly A juvenille and B linguistically challenged maybe?


- geek -
haha lame hack but a hack none the less ... better hope they didn't make any mistakes as M$ has the resources to find them if so. :)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
read again Lee (post 3!)

Lee said:
...but no-one posted a site, ...
you will see I posted your first and I was aware of your second and others - but thought better of posting.... Although I did say they were indeed Brazillian... Surprised you missed it if you were on the lookout :confused:


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Political User
Lee said:
some info, maybe I thought you knew what and who they are, but no-one posted a site, I waited all day so here we go.

Example, defaced.



To all OSNN members, PLEASED BE ADVISED that if you enter "www.zone-h.org"
the following port and ip addy '' (113)) can be scanned...by who? I don't know just be careful. My Honeypot server picked up this scan

update: attacker using SMTP Extensions (EHLO) DOD attack. multiple pings
Yeah no need for a HTTP site to need an ident request/reply. Probably never a good idea to visit a cracker site.

-edit- Also don't think thats a internet routeable ip ;)


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all i know is that i was getting port attacked while visiting that site. I'm in the process
of contacting the web admin. :mad: :mad:


You naughty boy/girl, write me 1000 lines,

''I will not surf defaced websites and I promise to eat my greens''.

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