Micro SD Flash - anyone having problems?


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I've bought 2 micro flash cards this spring. First (2 GB PQI) died after a few uses,the second (1 MB Kingston) appears DOA. Both acting the same now.

Camera recognize them as defective.

Ubuntu and XP won't recognize them at all (using laptop reader or flash USB reader on desktop).

VISTA recognizes and says they are unformated. When I format it churns away for about 20 minutes apparently formatting them and finally comes back with "Can not complete format".

Tech support (PQI & Kingston) say RMA them but shipping, gasoline, wasted time will cost more than I paid for them.

The Kingston was from newegg and had 150+ satisfied customer reviews.

The camera and readers all work. I checked them with a 2 gig flash card currently in use in the camera.

All patches, hot fixes, SP's are up to date on windows.

Is there some issue with micro units getting fried if you use them in a PC vs in a MP3 player, phone, etc?

Don't want to waste any more money if these things have a problem. They were intended for an MP3 player.


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I have a SanDisk 6GB Micro SD flash card for my LG Voyager. I can't seem to read it with my Home PC that has XP Pro SP3. Now I am using an external USB 2.0 Flash Card reader (multi-card). But when I have it connected to my Laptop that also has XP SP3 (but with Home Edition) it reads fine. Now my phone will format the Micro SD and your camera should do the same. Now I gather that the Kingston is a 1GB and not a 1MB as you posted (typo?). Kingston is a good brand I don't know about PQI, but you could have just gotten a couple of bad ones, it happens. So I don't know if anything I am posting clarifies anything for you other than I have had a problem reading the Micro SD with one PC but not with the other. Try getting the SanDisk Flash cards instead. But then it's all up to price. I got a great deal on mine when I bought it a couple of months back. Good Luck.


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Yes, you did help. I thought it was something with just my equipment.

Hmmm, the camera is full size and says it's bad. I could risk trying a format in the wifes MP3 player which uses micro, but if I mess it up I will be in soooo much trouble.


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Well just trying to format it in the mp3 player should not hurt the player. If it doesn't format or gets stuck just turn it off or pull the batteries and remove the card. If it works, then good. You have to realize that the Flash mem card you got could be bogus. But that depends on where you bought it from. Are they a reputable dealer?

I think buy dot com has a sale on Kingston micro SD cards, the 2GB size. I got an e-mail from them yesterday or the day before.

Here's the link:



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Neither flash formated in the MP3 or even got recognized. They must both be dead.

I was looking at some Patriot and Kingston at Fry's ro $7-8 but decided since my last 2 are dead, and I don't know why, I'm going to not buy anything for a while.

Thanks for the help.

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