Mic volume very soft

I turned the volume all the way up, all the way down, and everything in between. It sounds so soft. I have put my mouth really close and I still can barely hear. Anyway of fixing this?

I have:
Abit KD7A (VA'97 codec)
built-in mic on my monitor (NEC MultiSync M700)
Windows XP Pro

programs using the mic: Skype, AIM


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If you are usind On board sound you are a bit limited in sound adjustments other than checking in Sound properties in Control Panel and Device manager Cd hardware settings.
Do you have mains supply speakers?
On some systems AC97 or similar sound, does not pump out as much volume as 5.1 cards etc.
Yea, I had the 20db boost on. I tried configuring the mic in the speech properties in the control panel. When I do it tries to adjust the volume of the mic is it brings it all the way down. Well I have desktop speakers with a sub (the speakers on my monitor is left unplugged.)

well I guess I have to mess with it some more.

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