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6 Jan 2004
before when i used a mic i could always hear myself when i talked into it, now that ut2k4 is out and use that mic a lot, how can i make it so it doesn't play back in speakers, if i turn down the volume won't it be low in the game also?
There's two volumes for your mic. Playback (what you hear) and Recording (What the computer.. and other players will hear) the best way to use your mic when gaming is to mute it in the playback volume so that nothing comes through your speakers, and you get no feedback.. well, if you have a headset you wont get feedback, but hearing yourself could get annoying :)
haha where can i find that part @ :)

nm i found it thanks :)))))
Good good :D

Just for reference:
Playback stuff = just open normal volume (double click speaker in sys-tray or start->run->sndvol32)
Recording = In the playback panel, file->properties, then select recording.. I think, trying to remember from memory.
yea that is :) i can't uncheck the box but owell it was a good effort :D

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