Mic not working in XP



My mic will work fine with Entertainment Sound Recorder in Windows. But as soon as I go online I can't get my mic to work with of the chat programs, MSN Messenger, AOL IM or any like that.
I have WindowsXP Professional
My computer is a:
Tiger Direct unit
Pentium III 500mhz processor
Crystal sound
In messenger you need to go into Tools> audio and tuning wizard to set up your mike. The other chat programs i'm not sure about.
I have tried the tuning wizzard in Messenger and that is where it says the mic is not working. One other thing too is when I start my computer and the desktop comes up. I have selected the Intell.wav for my Windows start. It does not play either. In the control panel Sounds I have the Intell.wav selected and it will play when clicking on the preview button.
really? Hmmm. Does your mike have batteries? Maybe they're low.

Also, look in your device manager, see if there's any exclamation points or question marks there.

Open Control Panel> Sounds and Audio devices. Under the "audio" tab, is there a device listed for sound recording? There's also a 'voice' tab, click on the 'test hardware' button and let it go through it's paces.
I have no batteries for my mic. There are no exclamation's in the Device manager. I open the Control Panel/Sounds and Audio devices. I run the "test hardware" and the mic worked all right while off line. I got back online and tried the same "test Hardware" in Control Panel/Sounds and the mic will not work.
Does there happen to be more then one device listed under that sound recording, audio tab?

Also, try ticking that "use only default devices" at the bottom of that tab page.
There is only one device listed (Crystal WDM Audio) under the sound recording tab. I tried ticking the "use only default devices" didn't work.
I don't know what it could be then. The only thing i can think of is some kind of conflict between your modem and your sound card.
Thanks Lonman. If you come up with any more suggestion let me know, I'll try anything. One other thing and it was brought to my attention by a friend who is having the same problem. The CD Player in Windows will not play music. I can play music using Netscape WinAmp so it not that the CDrom is at fault.
Try this, click on start, control panel, click on sounds, speech, audio devices, then click on speech, click on audio input, do not use preferred devices, uncheck that box and click on use select device, click ok and then click on configure microphone and after that you should be good to go.
With the settings above it gets the mic to work but turn off mic boost, im still working the issue but it does get the mic to work because I was facing the same issue..

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