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Hi guys

at a friends house, using some of my valuable remaining battery life on laptop to just say that for personal reasons I have to leave my home and find a new place to live.

I am going to look into bluetooth options for some access from a mobile with a dongle to enable it on this laptop - hopefully might get some access soon (any tips you have might be good).

Otherwise until I can find somewhere to live and then get the phone online - never mind the cable or DSL.... I shall, unfrotunately, be offline....

Sadly neither can I fold like I used to for a while - so come on guys, someone step up and take my place there too....

Wish me luck in this difficult time... check in later - going offline now though.


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you will be have helped me a couple different times with my computer troubles. thanks for all your help....and i hope that your personal life gets better.
Just heard back from MFG :D

MainFrameGuy said:
well I have a sofa and phone line now for dial up (since my 3G PCMCIA card us still f***king with my laptop!) hence finally able to pick up your message but no time to post in forum (so please post on thread my update)....


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Nice to hear MFG is doing alright, or better at least. Haven't seen him around in a while (haven't spotted this thread before)

Best of luck to him

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