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Metroid Prime


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I have been playing this game constantly after work. There's a Software etc close to my job and they have a demo build that you can play. Wow the Gamecube is really pumping some really nice visuals and the controls and gameplay are just as sweet. Its worth a look for newcomers and fans of old do not be discouraged by the move to 1st person 3D it worked out pretty good. Hot babe in suit..oh yeah.:D


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Oh hell yea I'm gona get that game when I get a gamecube! Maaaan Samus Aaron is hooooot!! On the Super Metriod game when she dies her suit brakes off and you can see her, but how about Metriod Prime? DO you how shell' look like when she dies?


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Ahhh I just watched a trailer when Samus is about to die


her visor shutsdown like turning off a TV, then after that you see her face (not her actual face) but her helmet and the visor glass begins to crack then it will say OFFLINE.

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