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Metroid prime 2!

hey i just got this game - holler! the graphics are unbelievable...... and now theres multiplayer mode. if you didn't know this is a gamecube game and its probably the best one out cuz nintendos been slacking. It sort of reminds me of halo cuz it has a spaceship crashing and the dude has to go around and kill people. actually its a chick but wuteva.

i also wanted to say im so happy that they let you change the brightness to high cuz my TV is really tinted darker and this makes my game actually look decent! well enough of me blabbing, tell me what you guys think! :D go buy it if you haven't gotten it yet and if u don't have a gamecube get that too


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prodj88 said:
and can someone tell me what the eff is wrong with Steam? im trying to download Half life2 and its being slow and popping up weird messages
Have you checked any of the HL2 threads? This issue has been mentioned/explained in all of them. :)
i have it activated and everything. its just that when i set it to download this morning i came back with a box opened and it didn't even bother resuming - right now i have 33% downloaded! it needs to hurry up!


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This was the only game I was going to buy for my Gamecube, before I traded it in for the PSTwo. I've heard it's more of the same - which can't be a bad thing at all.


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I've been playing the Metroid series since the original Nintendo. For some reason, I don't get all these "Halo" comparisons for "Metroid Prime." Oh well...

I'm looking forward to buying it! For the most part, I enjoy Gamecube. It has the most original games, IMO, although it is seriously lacking in good RPGs. Of course, now that Square Enix is friendly with Nintendo again...:)


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