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Messenger Service Pop-Ups


Beyond All Comprehension.
I know im not the only one who has this problem because they are out of control..... I have like about 400-500 windows that need to be closed out overnight. Does anyone know that one trick that gets these damn Messenger Service pop-ups to go away?
you can try uninstalling the windows messenger from add/remove>windows components, i think that also disables the messenger services. if it doesn't then try throwing your computer out the window and make sure it spins 3 times before hitting the ground, jk go to control panel>admin tools>services and scroll down to messenger and make sure it's disabled
LordOfLA said:
not windows messenger as in MSN, just stop the messenger service.

A shortcut is start > run > services.msc
yea that's what i told him to do but i gave him the longer way to acess the services

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